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Mace Peppersrpay gun You Know It Might Happen!

This is the original mace®pepperspray gun

This original mace spray gun is certainly a worthy product, offering great spray distance

and ease of use. Its design will divide opinion, some users appreciating the aesthetic of

looking like a firearm, while it is also noted that this same feature could get you into trouble

with the authorities. Furthermore this Original Mace Pepper Spray Gun has a lot of good qualities about it.

Mace Pepper Spray Gun

Smart-bullet Mace Pepperspray Gun macepepperspraygun Mace Pepperspray gun

First, it is the best of it's kind sold.

  • ®Specifications battery Lasts for 4 years, expiration date printed on label Power Supply:
  • Batteries for LED light (included) Weighs: 0.9 lbs. Includes one
  • (1) 28 gram disposable pepper spray cartridge Includes one (1)
  • H20 water cartridge for practice Spray configuration Safety mechanism


Original Mace Pepper spray Gun


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